Just wanted to share some sites of services that I’ve used recently and find pretty dandy. Check them out.

A pretty cool idea, so far I’ve only used it to get files too large to email to some friends. Although as I get used to it, I think I’ll find other uses for it’s services. You get up to 1GB free.

Mozy is a site similar to in that you can upload information to the site. But what I use the site’s services for are a backup on Windows PC’s. No support for Macs yet, but the software is very intuitive. Essentially all you do is sign-up for an account, and you get 2GB free, and then you use their software to remotely upload the files/folders you want to to backup to their servers. Not as fool-proof as an external HD or CD/DVD’s or all three, but I just use it as one of my backup solutions. One of the best features about the back up is you can schedule it to back up at a certain time, or you can allow it to choose when to back up when the computer is being unused. Pretty nifty I thought. Additional note, you also get extra storage space when you refer people. So do it in groups.

Sounds pretty novel, I saw it on basically you can take a picture with your camera phone or other digital camera of a white board, document, business card (those are the three they list) and you email to scanr and they will email you back a digitized copy of whatever you sent in. This strikes me as interesting, but maybe a solution to an unknown problem. Note: They do have minimum requires for original picture size. The camera on my Audivox SMT-5600 Smartphone doesn’t take pictures that have high enough resolution to use this service. It shoots at 640×480.

Have a great day.


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