Hope for the Hokies

I am still reeling from the happenings at Virginia Tech.  In the midst of this crisis Passion Conferences, an organization who “exists to glorify God-uniting students in worship and prayer for spiritual awakening in this generation” Their main supporters are college students and they’ve released/provided  a free EP as “it’s way of saying to the VT family that our hearts are with you in these days.”  What a great idea!  People are hurting, and I know that one of the ways I connect is through music.  Music has the power to speak to our souls. The Passion blog has some beautiful writing exploring the anguish of loss, especially such catastrophic and seemlying senseless loss.

Passion isn’t trying to cover up the loss, the pain, the questions.  This is where they are right on, the pain and the crying out at God is understandable.  We can’t make sense of it, and regardless of what the police find out about the motive, it won’t bring friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers back.  So in this deep, deep valley of pain and sorrow, we reach to beauty.  To music, to connect our souls.  To prayer, to connect our God.  To friends, to connect our hearts.

On the page is a link to download the EP as well as well as a link to join the Facebook group, Facebook United for Hope. (I’m not sure how the two are related, other then the fact that they both reference each other, if you know please share)

Facebook United for Hope is a group that is hoping to have all of facebook change their profile pic to a VT logo on Monday, 4/30 as an effort to let the VT family know our prayers continue and our hearts are with them.

As far as I can tell, the group is growing.   Some stats:

Members as of Sunday, April 22: 2
Members as of Monday, April 23: 1,098
Members as of Tuesday, April 24: 4,717
Members as of Wednesday, April 25: 7,289
Members as of Thursday, April 26: 8,539

This is an awesome statement.

Download the songs, change your facebook.

If you’ve got a facebook, join and change your picture on Monday.  I know I like to think of myself as anti-establishment, but there are certain times to do something such as this, even if it means moving with the crowd.  Because this isn’t about popularity, it’s not a trendy shoe, it’s about hurting people, it’s about a God who cares, it’s about people that care, and it’s about hope.





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