brand for the movement

Anyone out there brand movements for a living?

I’ve had the thought to do this post for a while, but Olivier over at the brand builder blog (one of my favorite blogs) shared this post on terrorist branding which jogged my memory.

As I was driving down the highway a few months ago I was passed by a  white tahoe that had a magnet on the side of it that said

“Save the ta-ta’s”

and as it passed me, its license plate read


Now, with these two clues I was left to guess what the driver of this vehicle supporting.  My guess is Breast awareness.

Pink ribbons have become synonymous with breast cancer support in the last few years and have probably achieved a higher recognition rate then many of the other support movements or even companies founded in that time frame.

The question that echoes for me is how? Did they achieve such reach? How did they get such staying power?
Is it the simplicity of the message? Is it the global need? Is it the emotional tie?

Either way, well done to those that contributed to the idea of the campaign, and the movement. Much good has come from the pink ribbon and I applaud those who support such worthy causes. (Don’t forget next month is breast cancer awareness month)


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