right on target

The blogosphere (or at least my blogosphere, i.e. the blogs that I read that focus on business, design, marketing, etc.) is on fire with the word design. Chopped, sauteed, blended, and baked everyone is talking about design in every possible context. For good reason, design is important, and great design (which could be argued is functional design) impacts people every day.

Recently, the design of Archer Farms Parmesan Garlic potato chip bag rocked my world. (Not to mention these are some of the best chips I’ve ever had)

You’re asking yourself why did this rock Gavin’s world. Well, it’s written right on the on the front of the bag, “recloseable for freshness” yep, it’s the awesome combination of a ziploc bag and a potato chip bag. This means no more stale chips, no more bag clips and fresh taste everyday.

Secondly, the part that amazes me is that Archer Farms is Target’s house brand. Granted, they are positioning it as a very design-centric elite house brand, but it is still a house brand. The question is, why didn’t any of the other 500 chip bag makers figure this out? I don’t for a second believe that Dorito, or Lay’s or Snyder’s or [insert in your favorite bagged treat here], didn’t know that this was an issue.

Why didn’t they make this change?

Maybe this is the continuation of the design-sensitive customer, or the fact that Target has a history of implementing innovative design that is customer-centric. Either way I applaud the person who pushed this change through, and I look forward to what else comes down the pipe.

Have a great day everyone.


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