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SoCon and Soda

puzzle2.jpgFirst some thoughts on SoCon07. SoCon07 was my first unconference, and I had a good time. It wasn’t quite what I expected and at I definitely thought it would have been a bit more laid back then it was. Some points were certainly more conference i.e. lecture then unconference but overall it was worth the visit. I was also able to benefit from the discussion in the two “breakout” sessions I attended. One with Josh Hallett of Hyku, and the second with Robert French of Marcom. Much props out to those who were integral in the development and orchestration of the SoCon, it went well.

Thought of the day.

I recently heard an ad on the radio, you know one of those “dead” mediums. The ad basically said, “if you don’t get a receipt at the pump and to get it you have to come inside, we’ll buy you a free drink of your choice. Because convenience is part of our name.”

Now I think this is a brilliant idea. We’ve all been there, at the gas station we’re in a hurry to get someplace, and after we pay at the pump, we get a message that says “Receipt Inside” Which makes me annoyed because who wants to go inside and get your receipt after you’ve already paid outside. Such great strategy as well. I’ve never heard of an offer like this before, which makes it unique in the gas/convenience market. Not that a free drink defers the inconvenience of having to go inside and get my receipt but at least it let’s me enjoy a crisp Dr.Pepper while I drive away.
Sweet link of the day courtesy of Olivier Blanchard at the brand builder blog. [His blog is one of my daily reads.] He links to IdeaList which I have bookmarked for further viewing. Check it out.  Have a great day.


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