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As a fairly young business person I often toy with the idea of going and getting an MBA, and most people I know will ask me at least once if I am planning on getting one. My answer normally surprises them, I say “probably not.” I realize that most people equate MBA with business success or at least career drive and ambition, but right now I’m just not sure it’s for me.

I do not claim the no-MBA route, for that I give full credit to Seth Godin who writes about how needless and costly it is unless you need it to get into a field, e.g. investment banking. Godin mentions that for the cost of 30 books one can learn just as much.

Also, my interests are in new media and the Internet. I’m sure there are classes in the US about these topics, but can’t I learn more by engaging with the technologies as they grow? Coupled with the seasoning of sage business wisdom via a hearty selection of books I think I will learn a lot.

One site I’ve frequented recently is the personal which is a formatic method of Godins above. It also has forums and tips and tricks to add some discussion value. The only thing I’m not sure of is the booklist. It seems to have a lot of “trendy” business books, and I think I’d be more of the opinion of taking a classic route with a couple cutting edge books.

Another take is the MBA on the Run similar to the idea from above but doing it audibly via audio book, which I’m sure helps use some of that down time while exercising or commuting.

So in the end one could end up with a lot of business knowledge at a much lesser cost. The only downside is the lack of MBA credentials, which depending on what you do could be unimportant.

Is this a hokey idea?


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