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Haven’t posted in a long time – you’ll find me @Twitter

So I haven’t posted in a long time.  Months in fact, I’ve just found out that for right now, I don’t quite have the time between my work at and life to write down my thoughts in paragraph format.

So instead I’ve been Twittering.  50% of you are thinking, “What?” and the other 50% of you already know.

So come follow my thoughts there for a while.  I’m just on a bloggin hiatus, I’ll be back.

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Kip Knight shares how to utilize the power of all to build your business

I was fortunate to attend the Cincinnati area AMA lunch today, where Kip Knight, Vice President – Marketing of eBay spoke about “using the power of all of us to build your business” where he outlined his thoughts on the trending of business and marketing of companies moving into an open sourcing and collaboration model and away from the command and control model so many companies are familiar with.

Kip covered ground quickly, and interspersed his big ideas with humor to keep it light. As a result I left with a couple pages of notes. While Kip didn’t plant to many new ideas in my head, he proved a great review of blogs and articles I’ve read in the past few months. It’s also great to see yet another industry leader such as eBay to embrace these ideas.

You can view my full notes here (pdf download), but I thought I’d share a couple things he mentioned which I found very helpful and interesting.

First, Kip talked about a couple methods/programs they use to monitor the pulse of the eBay community.

* Voices – They fly in 20 users (sellers/buyers) each month and senior management with other key employees sit and talk with these users. Learning what they like about the site, what they don’t like, features they’d find helpful, etc. Once these users visit they become part of the Voices community and can be called in the future to answer questions and provide opinions on new ideas.
* Visits – This method takes 3 ebay employees to visit site users in their homes and watch them sell/buy on eBay. One employee asks questions, another takes notes, and the last video tapes.
* Views – Once a quarter, they conducts topical focus groups around the country on topics that are important to the company and it’s user base. i.e. Topic for Q2 2008 is safety

Secondly, he mentioned a couple stats I found very intriguing, the first of which is that 40% of the things sold on eBay are sold/listed via their API. 40%! That’s huge!

He also mentioned Wikipedia and how it’s huge user base allows for it to have a minimal staff of 5 full time employees, yet it is very agile in maintaining it’s product (obscenities last online for 1.7 minutes). It blows my mind that they are that quick in removing information that doesn’t conform to their community rules.

His talk sparked quite a few questions and ideas that require a bit more development, but I’ll follow up with additional posts later as those thoughts tie in for me, especially how they work with Abunga.

He also endorsed a book that I’m currently reading which is “Ultimate Question: For Unlocking the Door to Good Profits and True Growth” by Frederick F. Reichheld. The book focuses on the use of what is called the Net Promoter Score, boiling down to the question – would you recommend us to a friend? Pretty simple question, but very pertinent.

Have a great Easter.


Just wanted to share some sites of services that I’ve used recently and find pretty dandy. Check them out.

A pretty cool idea, so far I’ve only used it to get files too large to email to some friends. Although as I get used to it, I think I’ll find other uses for it’s services. You get up to 1GB free.

Mozy is a site similar to in that you can upload information to the site. But what I use the site’s services for are a backup on Windows PC’s. No support for Macs yet, but the software is very intuitive. Essentially all you do is sign-up for an account, and you get 2GB free, and then you use their software to remotely upload the files/folders you want to to backup to their servers. Not as fool-proof as an external HD or CD/DVD’s or all three, but I just use it as one of my backup solutions. One of the best features about the back up is you can schedule it to back up at a certain time, or you can allow it to choose when to back up when the computer is being unused. Pretty nifty I thought. Additional note, you also get extra storage space when you refer people. So do it in groups.

Sounds pretty novel, I saw it on basically you can take a picture with your camera phone or other digital camera of a white board, document, business card (those are the three they list) and you email to scanr and they will email you back a digitized copy of whatever you sent in. This strikes me as interesting, but maybe a solution to an unknown problem. Note: They do have minimum requires for original picture size. The camera on my Audivox SMT-5600 Smartphone doesn’t take pictures that have high enough resolution to use this service. It shoots at 640×480.

Have a great day.

who doesn’t want to jump on the bandwagon?

I just saw this over at Russel Davies’ blog. It is what it says it is. “Online iTunes backup for music aficionados”

It launches tomorrow, Feb 22. Currently if you post their logo they are giving away a free year of full featured service. Sounds interesting, check it out.

the road traveled


One of the first sessions at SoCon07 we talked about Web 2.0. Basically the idea that the web becomes dynamic and changes with use. One of the comments was “they get smarter with use” This stirred a thought, I’ve mentioned the TED conference before and one of my favorite TEDTalks is by a word-artist, Rives. Check out the video. He puts an interesting spin on “the internet.” Watch it once, twice, be changed.


It’s got a few lines that I find funny, but one that I find more interesting is “we can interfere with the interface”


do you?
I know I haven’t, but can I, you bet.
Will I? I’ll try.

Going back to the above comment, they get smarter, they get EASIER with use. So Web 2.0 or 3.0 of 4.0 is not that we can do more interactive graphics or total flash takeover, but that the web becomes a connector of, dare I say it, everyone? Moving beyond the screen, what if we can take this connectivity, this interaction, this smarter with use web, and create a smarter with use world. Remember, “we can interfere with the interface. It’s not if you can, but do you?”

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