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What a Quote

I’m late to the party, but I just saw this quote about 5 minutes ago.

We don’t need web-based versions of our desktop software. We need web software that takes advantage of being online.

Quote of the day in my book.  We need stuff that is designed with interactivity and connection in mind, not just solo me, on my computer.

Quote from Allstair Croll’s GigaOM post about Google Forms



Down here in Knoxville, WUOT our National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate just finished it’s fund raising drive which has raised my awareness of NPR’s website.

Their website is great, no more then great, it is awesome!  It’s also got a contemporary feel that many news sites are looking for, but just haven’t gotten quite right yet.

What I mean is it’s easy to get around, easy to listen, easy to find out more information then they mentioned on the show.  Which is perfect for my knowledge hungry self and others like me.   I like to listen to the show again at work, or delve deeper into the stories.

What strikes me as crazy is that NPR isn’t the newest kid on the block by any means.  Which also means there is hope for everyone else that’s been around for a while.

NPR is using their radio platform in conjunction with the web, way better then any radio station I’ve come across.  The great thing is that they aren’t annoying or turning away listeners.  If 80% of the people that listen on the radio never go online, that’s not a problem, because the radio content isn’t shortened or minimized.  And those that ONLY go online get the national content, and those that do both get a great amount of local and national information.

The way I see it NPR is playing the game right.  I say well done.

But that’s just me, what do you think?

Have a great day.

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