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They call it Open Bar, I call it awesome!

So like many companies, at we use 37signals Basecamp as our online project management tool  – both internally to manage projects, vendors and interns, but also externally with our design firm.

So we were juggling two accounts – and I was thinking, why can’t we combine these somehow, and then those smart people, they went ahead and did it.

So as of earlier this week if you change all your log-in’s for the different Basecamp accounts (or any 37signals product) to OpenID, you’ll see a change in your Basecamp like below, where my three accounts are listed at the top, and you can move between them seemlessly.  They call it Open Bar and I call it awesome!

My three accounts are:

  • Fabric Extranet
  • Slack Management Co.

Basecamp Mulitple

I like it.  See here for the full post from 37signals
Anyone else try it?  Thoughts? Concerns?


The Me in Team

Go Team

Anyone remember that LL Cool J commercial from a few years ago for the Gap where the key phrase was “fall into the gap”?

Well I ran across an post on Penelope Trunk’s blog, the Brazen Careerist recently that talked about the rising generation gap between baby boomer, X and Y at work.  I’m part of generation Y, and I’d agree that in my experience there are times where I clash with the older generations at work on many things.   I’d attribute some of these clashes to a difference in how I’m used to getting work done.  By nature I am a collaborative person, I believe differing perspectives bring depth to a problem, project, etc.  Thus, my workflow regarding a problem, site update, page redesign and so on often falls to asking those around me what they think of the issue.  It’s my way of attempting to address the problem as a team, not asking for advice on what to do, but what they view the problem as.  But as Penelope notes,

 Being part of a team is the best way for today’s new workers to get interesting high-level work for themselves. However even though reams of research shows the effectiveness of teams in the workplace, Baby Boomer management has had a tough time with implementation.

More often then not in these times I’m asking for perspective, I get answers.  What I mean is that I get definite “do it this way” answers as opposed to a collaborative/team process looking at various perspectives.   In a world used to hierarchy, people who are used to making decision see “team”, and they only see the “me.”

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that by nature I ask a lot of questions, and often attempt to get a full understanding in lieu of making a decision, when I should just make a decision and learn from the result.  But there is a shift that is happening in workplace culture, where a generation of teamwork-oriented employee’s, combined with the job-hopping culture trend will push companies large and small to make changes to accommodate them.  Those companies that don’t accept these changes will not attract younger workers and the world changing ideas they bring.

What are you doing to appeal to these workers?

Have a good day everyone.

Ikea and Facebook share more then just blue in their logo

I just saw an article on comparing how Facebook is similar to Ikea.

I’ll admit that the similarities are not apparent at first sight. But a defining idea behind Wikipedia, Facebook, and blogging platforms such as WordPress is that if you give people the right tools, they’ll use them to create wonderful things in collaboration with each other or with the organization that provides the catalyst.

It is interesting because it’s taking a larger look at where customers create content when a company provides a platform. I’m interested to see how Abunga ties into this because while we are not a giant company like ebay or facebook, we do operate as both a content provider and a platform provider for both business to tie into our platform for selling, as well as a platform provider giving every member the tools to interact and change what we sell.

Facebook, like Ikea—and like Microsoft—has mobilized an army of independent suppliers. In Facebook’s case, they are developers who produce applications that can be plugged into the Facebook platform. In all these cases, the idea is the same: If Facebook (or Ikea) can woo the customers, independent suppliers will be queuing up to help, and if the independent suppliers are queuing up, Facebook (or Ikea) should be able to woo the customers.

And like the quote above we’ll need those independents, sellers in our case, to add further value to the site, to help “woo the customers.”

Which do you think comes first, the customers and then the independents, and then more customers? Or is like the field of dreams, build it (a great platform) and the independents, and then the customers will come?

Have a good day everyone.



BBC WORLD - Occupier/LiberatorBBC WORLD - Occupier/LiberatorBBC WORLD - Occupier/Liberator

I picked up an older Creativy mag off my desk this past weekend and I was flipping through and found the ad above for BBC World. The ad is part of a series run in the United States to pitch BBC World as a news source. I just love these creatives, they are so poignant yet they don’t offend but they do polarize and engage. I’m sure this is why they won a Cannes Lion 2007 Outdoor Gold.

Below is a list of links for the others in the campaign.

Check them out, which is your favorite?





In the beginning…

Forbes Book of Quotations

I love reading. As one of lifes little ironies, I work for book company and I STILL got books for Christmas gifts! One of those gifts was The Forbes Book of Business Quotations: 14,173 Thoughts on the Business of Life. I’m pretty excited about it, so I thought I’d share the following quote with you from the business section to start out 2008. It’s by George Matthew Adams

There should be no age limits placed on ambition, alertness, creativeness, or in fact on anything that may mark the mental or spiritual progress of any human being…There is an old saying, Nothing ventured nothing gained. Obviously true, but on the other hand, even though many of our ventures come to no profitable end, the very fact that we ventured should be to our credit. People who stand still, or just watch from the sidelines of life, only partly live. To venture, and only to get fun out of it, has a constructive angle to it. Keep venturing and you’ll never grow dull!

To an year of venturing and ambition!

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Jennifer over at Brains on Fire posted on a site today called FreeRice which for every word you get right they donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger.

It’s essentially a multiple choice question, where they show a word, and four possible definitions.  If you pick the right word they donate 20 grains of rice and you confirm that you know the right definition.

I checked out today for about 5 minutes and I donated 320 grains of rice and I learned that digressive = tangential, a great way to spend a couple minutes online.

FreeRice is the sister site of and they combine two things I enjoy and that we at Abunga equally agree with, helping people and improving literacy.  As of the posting of this blog 9,123,269,430 grains of rice had been donated.

From the FreeRice About page

 FreeRice has two goals:

1. Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.

2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

Whether you are CEO of a large corporation or a street child in a poor country, improving your vocabulary can improve your life. It is a great investment in yourself.

Perhaps even greater is the investment your donated rice makes in hungry human beings, enabling them to function and be productive. Somewhere in the world, a person is eating rice that you helped provide.

Go to and spend a few minutes, I bet you’ll learn a few new words and you’ll certainly donate some grains of rice to deserving people.

i can feel it

I was checking out the top 5 viral videos of 2007 which I got from a WOMMA email and as I watched them (multiple times in some cases) I realized what makes them viral isn’t that they are funny the first time around. They are viral because they are fun to share

I was sharing the Cadbury’s Gorilla one with my boss and as it was playing – even at the very beginning where it is just focused on the gorilla I was just laughing, because I knew what was going to happen which I just thought was hilarious.  Now you could say maybe I like the video because I’m a drummer and I can emphasize, but my guess is that since it’s the number one video there is something much more universal then that in it’s content.

It reminds me vaguely of watching Zoolander the first time and thinking “I can’t believe people like this movie…it’s so stupid” and as people quoted the movie it grew in it’s hilariousness.

All that said, watch one, share one, and laugh.

Have a good day

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