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i can feel it

I was checking out the top 5 viral videos of 2007 which I got from a WOMMA email and as I watched them (multiple times in some cases) I realized what makes them viral isn’t that they are funny the first time around. They are viral because they are fun to share

I was sharing the Cadbury’s Gorilla one with my boss and as it was playing – even at the very beginning where it is just focused on the gorilla I was just laughing, because I knew what was going to happen which I just thought was hilarious.  Now you could say maybe I like the video because I’m a drummer and I can emphasize, but my guess is that since it’s the number one video there is something much more universal then that in it’s content.

It reminds me vaguely of watching Zoolander the first time and thinking “I can’t believe people like this movie…it’s so stupid” and as people quoted the movie it grew in it’s hilariousness.

All that said, watch one, share one, and laugh.

Have a good day

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