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One of the first sessions at SoCon07 we talked about Web 2.0. Basically the idea that the web becomes dynamic and changes with use. One of the comments was “they get smarter with use” This stirred a thought, I’ve mentioned the TED conference before and one of my favorite TEDTalks is by a word-artist, Rives. Check out the video. He puts an interesting spin on “the internet.” Watch it once, twice, be changed.


It’s got a few lines that I find funny, but one that I find more interesting is “we can interfere with the interface”


do you?
I know I haven’t, but can I, you bet.
Will I? I’ll try.

Going back to the above comment, they get smarter, they get EASIER with use. So Web 2.0 or 3.0 of 4.0 is not that we can do more interactive graphics or total flash takeover, but that the web becomes a connector of, dare I say it, everyone? Moving beyond the screen, what if we can take this connectivity, this interaction, this smarter with use web, and create a smarter with use world. Remember, “we can interfere with the interface. It’s not if you can, but do you?”


SoCon and Soda

puzzle2.jpgFirst some thoughts on SoCon07. SoCon07 was my first unconference, and I had a good time. It wasn’t quite what I expected and at I definitely thought it would have been a bit more laid back then it was. Some points were certainly more conference i.e. lecture then unconference but overall it was worth the visit. I was also able to benefit from the discussion in the two “breakout” sessions I attended. One with Josh Hallett of Hyku, and the second with Robert French of Marcom. Much props out to those who were integral in the development and orchestration of the SoCon, it went well.

Thought of the day.

I recently heard an ad on the radio, you know one of those “dead” mediums. The ad basically said, “if you don’t get a receipt at the pump and to get it you have to come inside, we’ll buy you a free drink of your choice. Because convenience is part of our name.”

Now I think this is a brilliant idea. We’ve all been there, at the gas station we’re in a hurry to get someplace, and after we pay at the pump, we get a message that says “Receipt Inside” Which makes me annoyed because who wants to go inside and get your receipt after you’ve already paid outside. Such great strategy as well. I’ve never heard of an offer like this before, which makes it unique in the gas/convenience market. Not that a free drink defers the inconvenience of having to go inside and get my receipt but at least it let’s me enjoy a crisp Dr.Pepper while I drive away.
Sweet link of the day courtesy of Olivier Blanchard at the brand builder blog. [His blog is one of my daily reads.] He links to IdeaList which I have bookmarked for further viewing. Check it out.  Have a great day.

dinner of atlantian proportions

wineglasses.jpgLast night I attended my first new media/marketing event and it started off with a bang. We met for dinner at Veni Vidi Vici, in Atlanta, GA which was a great venue. Hosted by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson of crayon, and well known for their podcast For Immediate Release, the word was spread via their blogs/podcasts. I personally first learned of the event from Shel’s blog. I came down from Knoxville, and it was worth it. Amazingly enough, I was not the only person who traveled a distance to the event. Professor Robert French came down from Auburn with two students, Ashley Imsand and Wes Gossett.

It was a night of greats: great food, great conversation and great wine. Conversation ranged from the impact of social media, to podcasting techniques/practices, and lastly some chatter about conference talk. Both un-conferences such as the one I am attending this weekend SoCon07, or BlogOrlando, Blog Savannah. As well as other conferences such as TED (technology, entertainment and design) [ps. I love the TEDTalks, I get inspiration daily from these great thinkers.] Also the DEMO conference, which I am not as familiar with but hope to be.

I found out about a new startup that provides a turnkey social media platform. ThePort. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea, personally I think it’s value isn’t providing the service, because eventually that will become a commodity, but selling companies on the platform, and the service.

Hicham has an interesting software solution that creates a process out of parts of marketing, so that the software helps faciliate the management of materials and information thus freeing the manager up to think, and engage in creative and strategic planning. Pretty novel.

The attendees:

Ashley Imsand of Auburn University

Wes Gossett of Auburn University

Robert French of Auburn University

Shel Holtz of crayon

Neville Hobson of crayon

Hicham Bouani of GlobalProjex and Bouje Publishing

Jacqui Chew of ThePort

John Patton of ThePort

Neville’s posted a picture here

It was a great meet and great, and I highly recommend your attendance any similar event. Personally I was struck that blogs, forums, etc are mediums of communication. They convey information, or messages, but ultimately people are hoping to connect. In this case we met in person, although it was entirely planned on a blog(s). It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Web 2.0, as people want to take connection to a new level.

Great event!

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